Mechatronics is a new and contemporary discipline investigating the technology of control systems for industrial automation. This science fiction is located at the intersection of the branches of physics, electricity, electronics, computer and machine science. The interest and application areas of these different technological fields, which seem to be independent from each other but which interact with each other in many environments with rapidly developing technology, are quite broad under these mechatronics frameworks.


Gediz Vocational School Mechatronics Program has the quota of 40 students yearly.


The aim of the program is to train technical manpower with talent, knowledge and certain professional skills in the introduction, design, installation, use, maintenance, repair and development of mechanical, hydraulic-pneumatic, electric or electronic based or computer-controlled tools, equipment, equipment, equipment and systems used in industrial and commercial business areas and technological structures.


Employment Opportunities for Graduates:

Modeling and Design

System Integration

Driving Elements and Sensors

Intelligent Control



Motion Control

Vibration and Noise Control

Micro Devices and Optoelectronic Systems

Automotive Systems and Other Applications


Mechatronics Program is located at the intersection of Electric, Electronic, Computer and Machine fields. Therefore, the technical infrastructure that will serve in the mechatronics education and the intersection will be of great importance. The infrastructure related to the fields of Electricity, Electronics and Computing required for the mechatronics program which started give education in 2009-2010 in our vocational schools is available and the technical infrastructure about the machinery is being established rapidly.

Working Fields for the Graduates:

Control Systems (Pressure and Temperature Control Systems)

Robots (Transportation and Welding Robots)

Industrial Automation (Barcode Systems, Production Band Equipment)

Building Automation (Security Systems, Automatic Air Conditioning Systems, Automatic Door Systems)

Home Products (Laundry and Dishwashers)

Automotive (Airbag, Anti-lock Brake System (ABS))

Defense Industry (Mine Screening Robots, Automatically Guided Vehicles)

Medical Applications (Magnetic Resonance MR, Atroscopic Instruments, Ultrasonic Probes etc.)

Aeronautical Engineering (Auto Pilots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

Image and Audio Processing (Automatic Focusing Devices, Audio Controlled Devices)

Production (CNC, NC)

Laser Optical Systems (Barcode)

Aeronautical Engineering (Auto Pilots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

Smart Measuring Instruments (Calibration Instruments, Test and Measurement Sensors)


The undergraduate programs which the graduates of the program can apply to are as follows:

Mechatronic Engineering

Mechatronics Teaching

Computer and Control Teacher

Electrical engineering

Electrical Teaching

Electrical engineering

Electronic Engineering

Electronic Teaching

Electronics and Computer Teaching

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Teaching

Industrial Technology Teaching

Manufacturing engineering

Electronics and Communication Teaching

Control Teacher

Mechanical engineering

Design and Construction Teacher

Space Engineering

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