Medical and Aromatic Plants

Medical and Aromatic Plants                 

At present, rapid technological developments, especially in the field of communication, are felt more in the herbal drug markets and especially in the natural dynamics and natural medicines sectors, which are the basic dynamics of these markets. This change and development, as well as the development of the product and service sector of the relevant sectors, have increased the need for qualified labor needed by the effect of competitive environment and it has become almost compulsory to meet this requirement.

It is possible that the Medical and Aromatic Plants sectors can continue their development in this competition and innovation environment by having the managers and staffs who possesses professional knowledge and vision, can adapt to this environment, who are flexible, productive, open to change and development, aware of the needs of the industry.

Gediz Vocational School's Medical and Aromatic Plants Program carries out training activities in order to train technical staff who are capable of recognizing the plants used as medicinal and aromatic plants from wide varieties in Turkey, who know methods of obtaining drugs from these plants, cultivate the plants under the risk of disappearance by culturally, work on raising the level of consciousness in the society with a rational approach based on scientific basis, who can use the devices in the medical and aromatic laboratories, and study in the protection of medical and aromatic plant genetic resources, and the provision of sustainable medical and aromatic plant care.


The qualifications that the students in the program are planned to gain;

  • To be able to recognize medicinal and aromatic plants in natural environment
  • To be able to identify diseases and pests that may be exposed to the cultivation of all kinds of medical and aromatic plants and to work on the struggle with them
  • To be able to do harvesting of medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Handling the drying and storage of green collected plants
  • Ability to obtain oil from medical and aromatic plants
  • Recognizing and working with devices used in laboratory environment
  • To be able to carry out preservation of active substances obtained from medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Manufacturing processes of products such as perfume, cream, ointment, tincture, etc.
  • Ability to work in sales and marketing of medicinal and aromatic plants


Our School has a Medical and Aromatic Plant Laboratory that allows our students to consolidate and apply their theoretical knowledge.

Students graduated from the Medical and Aromatic Plants program can be employed in enterprises such as Ministry of Agriculture, pharmaceutical factories, pharmacies and cosmetics industry.

Undergraduate Programs for Graduates:

  • Production and Marketing of Cultivated Plants
  • Agriculture Engineering
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