Medical Promotion and Marketing

Medical Promotion and Marketing             


Medical Promotion and Marketing Program

The medical promotion and marketing department aims to train qualified staff with the basic professional knowledge and infrastructure required by the pharmaceutical industry and medical companies operating in product marketing to the healthcare sector. The pharmaceutical industry, as well as all over the world is a constantly growing sector in Turkey. For this reason, well-trained drug promotion staff are needed. One of the professional groups that emerged as the result of medical progress and became one of the most popular professional groups in recent years is the department of medical promotion and marketing. The Medical Promotion and Marketing Program is a program that raises sales staff to the pharmaceutical and medical sector.


Mission of the Program

The Mission of the Medical Promotion and Marketing Program is to provide the students with the knowledge and skills to perform the product promotion and sale for the health sector, to visit the doctor and pharmacy, to organize group activity, product foundation and marketing and follow up other company activities. And also encouraging the students to go on further academic education is another mission. The Program also aims to train qualified personnel who will have the basic professional knowledge and infrastructure required by the companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector and who will introduce the medicines they produce to the physicians and reach them. Another aim of the program is to train marketers who have the interest of the pharmaceutical industry, have confidence, have strong communication, have a reputable, planned and organized working ability.


Vision of the Program

The Vision of the Medical Promotion and Marketing Program is to educate qualified staff who perform product promotion and sales for the health sector and to lead the dissemination of education.


The qualifications that the students in the program are planned to gain;

  • To improve basic computer knowledge, to use office and packet programs,
  • To acquire necessary basic information in drug field and biomedical field,
  • To understand the concept of marketing and what is involved in the marketing activities of the business,
  • To understand and interpret the mathematical expression of simple commercial activities, statistical tables and graphical production methods,
  • To learn the basic concepts related to personal communication,
  • To have knowledge about customer relationship management,
  • To get information about drug concept and clinical applications,
  • To comprehend human body anatomical and physiological structure and to understand biological system and medical terms,
  • To have general knowledge about basic diseases and disease-causing factors,
  • To learn rules and first aid methods to be followed for health conditions.


Employment Opportunities for Graduates:

Students who have successfully completed the Associate Degree program in Medical Promotion and Marketing can work as a salesperson in the medical marketing sector. At the end of the Associate Degree Program, students who graduate from this program can take the DGS examination and move up to some undergraduate programs vertically.


Undergraduate Programs for Graduates:

  • Labor Economics and Industrial Relations
  • Economy
  • Public Administration
  • Finance
  • International Relations
  • Business
  • Accommodation Management
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
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