Fashion Design

Fashion Design                      

Fashion has an important place in Turkish Textile Sector. It is necessary to keep the fashion industry alive and get rid of working freemasonry by creating your own brand. Nowadays, in order to create fashion and to produce new models, there is a need for technical staff in the market.

Gediz Vocational School Fashion Design Program students are aimed to become qualified fashion design technicians who have technical, technological, artistic knowledge and skills in the field of fashion design and expertise in the field with professional qualifications required in the sector.

There are 1 confection workshop and 1 cutting workshop which will enable students of the program to practice. Some of the educational tools used in these workshops are as follows:

Straight Sewing Machine

Computerized Straight Sewing Machine

Overlock Machine


Buttonhole Machine


Zig-Zag Machine

Vertical Blade Cutting Machine

Round Cutting Machine

Cutting Blades


And also there is a Mold Lab with  20 computers (CAD-CAM) and  there is a computer Lab with 30 computers where computer aided design and computer aided mold lessons are run. Students who graduate from the program can work as a stylist, modelist, designer in public institutions and private sector enterprises, and can open their own business places like fashion houses or workshops.


The undergraduate programs which the graduates of the program can apply to are as follows:

Clothing Industry Teacher

Fashion Design Teaching

Ready-made Clothing Teacher

Fashion Design Clothes Teaching

Fashion design

Fashion and Textile Design

Textile and Fashion Design

Last Update Date: 19 September 2018, Wednesday