Computer Programming

Computer Programming                              

The aim of the program is to train the programmers who are specialized in developing basic software algorithms and developing software by using the current software languages and technicians who can work as technical support staff in ensuring the establishment and continuity of computer systems of enterprises.

With the transition to the information economy, various career development opportunities have emerged in the computer field. In all sectors of our country, the demand for data processing is high and increasing. The rapid development in computer technology calls for the continuous improvement of the employees and the new entrants in the sector in relation to these new developments and technologies.

The program is organized with the aim of gaining skills in areas such as system, software development and hardware as well as general information about the computer. There is a need for qualified personnel in all these areas in our country. Experienced economic developments profoundly affect business life and introduce new methods called e-business and e-commerce. Firms require qualified information technology staff to carry their business and their trade to such electronic platforms and maintain their operation with these methods.

Employment Opportunities for Graduates:

Industry associations

Media Organizations

Firms that produce and develop hardware, software and services

Firms Developing Database Systems

Logistics Companies

Firms Developing Internet Solutions

Computer Aided Industrial Design Firms

Companies' Computing Units

The undergraduate programs which the graduates of the program can apply to are as follows:

Computer Science

Computer engineering

Computer Technology and Information Systems

Computer and Information Systems

Teaching Computer and Instructional Technology


Last Update Date: 19 September 2018, Wednesday