Banking and Insurance

Banking and Insurance                                  

Banks and insurance firms are the most important financial institutions of modern free market economies. These institutions not only offer a large number of services in their own fields but also have a social function while providing the financing they need.

Banks are basically deposits and lenders. In addition to this, they also do business such as making remittances, letter of guarantee, letter of credit and foreign trade financing, foreign exchange transactions and portfolio management. Nowadays, banks have begun to do transactions such as options, swaps and futures. Depending on the work they do, the banks are divided into different types such as trade, investment, development banks. We also know that international banking plays a very important role in the globalization process. The banker is a professional person with knowledge and expertise in these transactions.

Insurance institutions provide insurance to customers in very different areas. It is well known that there are many types of insurances needed in daily life such as health, life, traffic, earthquake, agriculture, natural disaster, accident etc. Insurance companies also have international dimensions because they work in a hierarchical order at international level with reinsurance application. The insurer is a professional person with knowledge and expertise in all insurance transactions and services.

Our aim is to educate individuals who have reached modern banking and insurance level, who are aware of current practices and who have prepared themselves in the sector.

Employment Opportunities for Graduates:

Nowadays, fast technological developments especially in the field of communication are felt more in financial markets and especially in the banking and insurance sectors which are the basic dynamics of these markets. This change and development, as well as the development of the product and service sector of the relevant sectors, it has increased the need for qualified labor needed by the effect of competitive environment and it has become almost compulsory to meet this requirement.

It is possible for the banking and insurance sectors to continue their development in this competition and innovation environment only by having flexible, productive, changeable and evolving staff who are aware of the necessities of the sector and equipped with vocational knowledge and vision.

Rapid increase in the importance of the Banking and Insurance sector at regional, national and international level will also increase the need for skilled labor to be employed in this area and this need will be met thanks to such programs as ours.

The undergraduate programs which the graduates of the program can apply to are as follows:


Actuarial Sciences


Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

Banking and Insurance



Economics and Finance


Logistics Management


Insurance and Risk Management

Capital Market

Business Management

Business Informatics


International Business

International Finance

International Business

International trade

International Trade and Finance

International Trade and Business

Management information systems

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