Office Management and Executive Assistance

Office Management and Executive Assistance                     


General Information

The Office Management and Executive Assistance Program is a four-semester higher education program aiming to train office staff, office managers and executive assistants who are equipped with knowledge and skills to meet the needs of public and private sector businesses in a rapidly changing and evolving business environment, expertise in using computer office programs, able to use office management principles and methods professionally, who can establish good human relations, use all kinds of office technology and have modern protocol information.

Students who have graduated from the program which equips its students with the competencies related to basic management knowledge and managerial activities during the four semesters are becoming experts in the main concepts and subjects of business management. In addition to the theoretical courses that the students take, they also carry out the applications during the course. They also have the opportunity to apply the information they have received in the classroom directly in real life, especially during the 30 workdays of internship they have to take in corporate enterprises during the summer.


Entry Requirements and Section Capacity

Students who have enough points in the university exam and prefer our program deserve to enroll in the Office Management and Executive Assistance Associate Degree program. Education and training last 4 semesters which make 2 years. The quota of the program is 65.


Graduation Requirements

Students who successfully complete the compulsory internship as well as compulsory and elective courses in the curriculum (for a total of 120 ECTS) and obtain at least 2.00 GPA out of 4.00 are awarded an associate degree diploma in the field of Office Management and Executive Assistance.


Employment Opportunities for Graduates

Students who graduate from the program have a wide range of working fields. The area in which graduates are primarily employed is the position of executive assistant in corporate enterprises.  They also have the opportunity to work as an office manager and as an office clerk. In recent years, human resources departments, especially in business, have become the forefront, and thus graduates of the program can find jobs thanks to their human relations, computerized billing information and management skills in these departments. They also find employment in advisory units and support their activities in public relations. In addition, they can be employed as pre-accounting staff thanks to the basic accounting knowledge and the ability to use the accounting programs they have acquired at school.


Undergraduate Programs for Graduates:

• Public relations

• Public relations and advertising

• Public Relations and Publicity

• Business Information Management

• Advertising and Public Relations

• Management of health institutions

• Management information systems

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