Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and Safety                                       

Aim of the Program

The aim of the program is to train "Occupational Health and Work Safety Technicians" who are capable of undertaking all occupational health and occupational safety responsibilities and have the ability to work in these units in line with their positions in industrial enterprises.

Qualifications To Be Gained

Having the authority of job health and security registration, filing, monitoring management which can ensure the safety of workplace management,

Being able to follow and implement legal procedures related to all disaster-based emergencies,

Being able to provide consultancy services on communication and organization with professional emergency institutions, neighbors in the region,

Making risk analysis, solution recommendation and related planning and budgeting,

Equipped with planning and management knowledge related to environmental safety,

Having the language knowledge that the profession requires.

Employment Opportunities for Graduates:

Students who graduate from this program are given associate degree diplomas related to their field. Our graduates can be employed as "Workers Health and Occupational Security Technicians" in institutions, establishments and enterprises in all branches of public or private industry, in trade centers, in high-rise buildings, in universities and large schools, in shopping malls and public open centers and emergency facilities.

Undergraduate Programs for Graduates:

  • Social Services
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